Today I was not expecting to write a beat on Josh because he was supposed to have an early dismal at 12:15, but thankfully his ride fell through so I got to follow him around for another day.

“If my ride wouldn’t have fallen through then I wouldn’t have to walk through this.”


Josh ended up coming to journalism 2 because he was unable to go to the softball game, so I was able to witness him reading the beat I wrote about him instead. He didn’t exactly appreciate the cover photo so I’m going to try to go a little lighter on him today.

When he first came into class he was asked a question for the avonviews. And to that, he answered, “Go somewhere warm. Simple as that.”

Because many of the boys that play basketball during this period went to the game Josh was unable to write about his basketball beat. So he was met with the challenge of now writing about the NBA Finals, a challenge because no one seems to a fan of the Raptors.

After some sports chatter with Mr. Tuffiash, we took to the halls to try to find Mrs. Reilsono. When he found her room empty Josh said “Where is she?” as if I would know the answer to his question.

Josh’s initial emotion when he realized that Mrs. Reilsono was not in her room.


As he was searching the halls for her we both noticed a disturbingly weird clicking noise in his ankle. But being the rough football player he is he did not seem to be affected by the unusual noise.

Josh looking hopelessly for Mrs. Reilsono.


Sadly my time with Josh had to come to a close because his mom ended up picking him up at 2:30. While I was only able to spend a short amount of time with him today it was definitely well spent as it always is when spending time with Josh.

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