“Oh hit” the notorious Avonworth football player, Joshua Kendall Elm, says as he walks the halls.

Today #54 is sporting a Princeton fit as he makes his normal routes through the halls. Josh estimates that about 90% of his wardrobe is made up of college clothing, much of which comes from recruiting gifts, so he can be seen almost on the daily repping one college or another.

After leaving Mr. Tuffiash’s room Josh says “I’m definitely going to fail” when talking about his beat for our journalism 2 class.

Josh is trying to get Liam Tomczak to do his journalism assignment for him.


He starts by going to Mr. Johncour’s room where he can often be found if he is not in the gym or with Jake Horigan.

When he finally gets to the gym, where his beat is supposed to be taking place, he starts to shoot around like he always does. He then says “Ally this one is for you” before attempting to shoot a layup.

Josh Elm missing one of the many shots that he took today.


That shot that he promised me that he would make did not end up going into the basket. I was not shocked because it seems that Josh actually misses the shot a considerable amount of time.

After attempting a few more shots, Josh somehow ends up in the library. This is not where his beat (about basketball around AHS, which you can read on avonewsonline as well) is supposed to be taking place, but you never know what is going on with Josh.

Josh pestering Jake Horigan, Drew McDowell, and Luca Stasa while they are trying to find some peace and quiet in the library.


During our adventure through the halls of Avonworth, Josh continued to ask Sarah, Hadley, and myself what we were supposed to be doing for this beat assignment. While it may seem like Josh Elm is the face of the journalism 2 class, often times he does not actually know what is going on.

While it was an experience to follow Josh around for a class period, it does not stop there. I am very pleased to follow him around tomorrow too. So make sure to check back to see the jk_elm beat for day 2.

Also, make sure to follow Josh Elm on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/jk_elm/.

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