Calvin’s day, in general, was pretty good. He took his Calculus final, which he actually thinks he did pretty well on, with the exception of the last question, where he just gave up:  “I said I don’t know anything, and I just said ‘okay, I’m done,’ and I just left it there. It was basically completely blank.”

During CIM class, Calvin continued working on his maze project and made some good progress. With the help of Mr. White, he cut the wood for the sides of his game.

Calvin helping Mr. White cut pieces of wood for his project.

While in the computer lab, Calvin started getting sentimental and mentioned all of the great friends he has made here at Avonworth: “I have some of the greatest friends. The people here are honestly the best people. I honestly don’t think I’ll find some friends as good as the people I have now.” He named all of the people in the drama department, Wiley Bozada, Owen North, and Jonah Brandt as being some of his best friends.

Calving running into the CAD Lab.

While in the CAD Lab, Calvin managed to spurt out some random nonsense, such as “I don’t think my naked caveman eyeballs are going to do that,” “I dabble in precision, man. I dabble in precision,” and “Darren challenged my authority, and that is why he must be gone.” And that pretty much sums up Calvin’s Wednesday…


Calvin’s Quotes to Live By:

“Best friends are everything.”


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