If you follow Mackenzie Ziegler or Annie LeBlanc on Instagram, you may have seen pop singer and songwriter Austin Brown, also known as Austn.

Austn and Mackenzie Ziegler pictured together by TigerBeat.

He is 16 years old and has acquired a following of over 400,000 people on Instagram. He recently came out with an album entitled Chapter 1: In Betweenin’. It features one of his most popular songs, “In Betweenin’.”


One stand-out lyric from the song is:


“Up to you, you can love me or leave me,

But I’ll treat you like no one else can.”


The song is about a girl that Austn was dating, whom he was super committed to yet she was not as dedicated as he was. This is what Austn means by “in-betweenin’” and you can buy that for yourself on a t-shirt through his website.  The song is most relatable to tweens and teenagers going through the same relationship struggles that he outlines in the song.

One piece of Austn’s merch that defines “In Betweenin’.” It is in a bundle that includes his album.

When we played this song for some students at Avonworth, this is some of the feedback we received:

“It sounds like something I would listen to when I was in fifth grade.” – Elia Vith, Junior.

“It sounds like Katy Perry.” – Julian DiNinio, Freshman.

“It’s terrible.” – Anonymous, Junior.

Image result for austin chapter one in betweenin album cover
The cover for Austn’s album, “Chapter 1: In Betweenin’.”

Austn’s music tells stories about his relationships but keeps the mood upbeat and the melodies catchy. It sounds like radio-pop style music, especially Kidz Bop. He takes inspiration mainly from Julia Michaels, but also Sam Smith, Adele, and Justin Bieber.


If you would like to check out Austn’s songs about life and love for yourself, click here!

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