With the school year coming to a close, many students are utilizing their LEAD time to study for upcoming finals. Consequently, the library, Lopes Lounge, and cafeterias are packed with students.

The sign that stood outside the library doors and taunted many students last week.

With the recent Senior Project presentations going on last week, the library and the Lopes Lounge were closed many days, causing students to flood the cafeterias and lobby for places to go during LEAD. Today, the Lopes Lounge was closed, but the library was open. Students ranging from all grades filled the library to socialize and to get work done. Junior Kevin McGibbney said he “worked on homework” today during LEAD. Ironically, the library is pretty loud during LEAD when it is open. 

The library today full of students.

Many students sit at the black tables in the lobby and at the little tables across from guidance during LEAD. There is often open seats at the black tables, making it a dependent place to go during LEAD. Junior Ally Yovetich sat at the tables today and said she “listented to music and studied for finals.”

Students socializing and working at the black tables in the lobby.

Today, many students were finalizing their STEM Physics Kennywood Projects, which were due at the end of the day today. Students used their LEAD time to collaborate with their group and also see Mr. Wolfe for help. Juniors Alexie Auth and Riley North said, “We have to meet up with Darren to finish our project.”

Students working and eating at the little tables across from guidance.

Students also use LEAD to catch up on their breakfast. With the new breakfast cart that was added this year, students are able to use first period to get breakfast if they happened to not have time that morning or just got a little hungry as the morning progressed.

Some students have gym during LEAD. Today, Junior Natalie Marshall said, “I walked laps around the gym for gym class.” However, gym during LEAD is every other day, so some people did not have gym today, such as Junior Josh Elm.

Check back tomorrow to see The LEAD Beat: Day 2!

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