Today instead of being behind the counter of the library, I took up residence in Mrs. Arnold’s room. Mara and Fabian were in there as well as Mrs. Arnold for a while. Before she left Mrs. Arnold set us up with Kenny Rogers music after finding an article about how Kenny Rogers was hospitalized to wich Mara replied, “Who’s Kenny Rogers?” Well, Mrs. Arnold would not stand for this and immediately played his music for us.

In the meantime, Fabian and I played with a bin of suction cup toys that were in the room. I make a monster by connecting as many as I could get my hands on while Fabian stuck them to his face, and legs, and shoes.

Mara was asleep while all of this was happening, but Fabian just couldn’t let her miss out on the fun! He just had to shout really loud and wake her up. To which she started singing a song about how “Fabian is a butt head” a song that just consisted of those lyrics sung at different pitches.

One last word from the librarians: “Potato”

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