Students (grades 9-12) were called to the Auditorium during LEAD today for the annual homecoming assembly on Tuesday, September 17. Many people were not aware of this event happening during LEAD until this morning, so there was a strong reluctance from students who initially had other plans or simply didn’t want to give up their LEAD time.

Ms. Dwuilt started by informing students about the homecoming event as well as the upcoming Spirit Week.

Homecoming this year is being held at David L. Lawrence Convention Center.

She then invited officers from each grade so they could introduce themselves and explain what would be their main fundraiser.

Senior class officers Lauren Pflueger, Anna Igims, Kate Francis, and Emma Ronk presented their fundraiser,  Family Bracelets. They help support two of the football players family after losing one of their parents recently. 

For the juniors,  their fundraiser is the pepperoni rolls. Class President Mike Frank and fellow officers Sasha Kosko, Harris Robinson, and Liana Simmons are selling them for $2 each and all the money goes to the junior class.

For the sophomores, led by President Ella Galbraith, they are selling Good L’Oven cookies to support the sophomore class. This money will help support us for all the events in senior year.

Finally, the freshmen fundraiser is a hat day on Tuesday, September 24th. Class President Henry Wagner said it’s simply a dollar to wear a hat; all the proceeds will go to the class of 2023. They were joined by Ryan Ehmann, Liz Anderson, and Kassie McGibbney.


Additional Reporting by Andrew Gray

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