With the school year at full pace and summertime fading away, Avonworth prepares for its annual homecoming dance. Students ranging from eager freshman to experienced seniors look forward to the event yearly, as it holds a time of school spirit and unforgettable teenage memories.

This year’s homecoming court exemplifies what many believe to be a group of kind, positive young women.

The 2019 Homecoming court includes Lauren Pflueger,  Anna Igims, Domi Raught, Claire Chao, Mackenzie Wisniewski, and Kat Goetz.

Lauren, Anna, and Domi (pictured in this order) showing American Spirit at Avonworth vs. New Brighton football game


Each girl within the court felt that their fellow members were every bit deserving.

“Each girl on the court is one of my friends. I consider two of them two of my best friends. Each girl who made it deserves to be on it, they’re all kind and great people” – Anna Igims

Lauren expressed a similar excitement when asked about the selection. She joyful explained the underlying surprise and nervousness that comes with the event:

“I was honestly surprised because there are so many amazing girls that could have been chosen! It makes me nervous that I’ll be in front of so many people for the pep rally and game, but it’s exciting to be part of such a big thing for the school”

Lauren also added that Mr. Johncour is very enthusiastic that all six girls are in his AP Stats class together.

Domi carries out what her family sees as a tradition:

“My sister Chloe was on the court when she was a senior in 2014. My mom was also on her homecoming court at Greensburg Central Catholic High School in 1982. My parents both hoped I would be on the court, and of course, when I was announced on court they all said: “Well it must run in the family” and super cheesy things like that”

Domi also holds the same excitement and appreciation as other candidates:

“It’s an awesome group of girls. I really appreciate that my peers and classmates associate me with them because they’re such great people. I think anyone named queen from this court will deserve it”

Claire Chao and Mackenzie Wisniewski posed for 2019 Cheer Pictures


Claire and Mackenzie, lifelong friends and teammates, both were honored to be chosen.

“I’m surprised but very happy to be chosen- so lucky to be on court with such kind and beautiful women!” – Senior Claire Chao

“I feel really excited and happy for all the girls who got selected. Everyone who was chosen is super nice and genuine, so it makes me super excited for everything!” – Senior Mackenzie Wisniewski


Kat smiling for a photo while also noticing she is next to a homecoming spirit sign!


Kat carried out the same positive energy towards the court and their selections:

“I’m humbled and honored that I got chosen, I wasn’t really expecting it. I am a little nervous, but the group of girls chosen is such a good group and any one of them deserve to be the queen. I can’t wait to celebrate with whoever it is.”


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