The first Friday of the 2019-2020 school year started with a twist and ended, for many, just as new and energetic.

During LEAD, the marching band made a surprise loop around the hallways playing numbers from their new set “The Greatest Hamilton”, including “Cold Hearted” by Paula Abdul.

As Mod H set in, students from grades 10-12 headed not to the auditorium for the Welcome Back Assembly, but instead to the gym. On the way, they passed through a luau themed high school lobby, decorated by the Cheerleaders led by Science teacher Brittany Livesay as head coach. 2019-2020 is Mrs. Livesay’s first full year on the high school staff, following her substitute role in 18-19 during Mrs. Tracy’s sabbatical.

As opposed to previous pep rallies, what was most notable was the excitement and interest from participants and the student body in the gym. 

Many students were attentively watching as opposed to staring at the clock or talking to friends ignoring the events. The Seniors were the focus of the rally, with Adam McKinney and Lauren Pflueger both winning the new feature – an obstacle course. 

In addition, the entire Senior class won the free chick-fil-a sandwich giveaway and later crowded around Livesay to pick up their free sandwich gift cards. Livesay created the agenda for the pep rally along with Student Council sponsor Mrs. Studt and Band conductor Mr. Guess. 

Most of our Journalism 1 reporters noted that the cheerleaders appear more interested as they have new choreography, members of the squad, and formations along with a new head coach. 

Reporters also notes students more willingly participated in the activities, whether it was obstacle course games, tossing around a massive beach ball, or even singing the alma mater.

Normally just for homecoming court during any homecoming pep rallies, the entire football team entered through the middle school gym doors through a line a cheerleaders.  

The band’s new theme, “The Greatest Showman and Hamilton” matched the energy and freshness of the whole rally, including a return performance of a Hamilton song last performed in the gym as part of a medley during Music In Our Schools week last year.  

New staff, including Mrs. Ferraro teaching Mrs. Selep’s schedule while she is on sabbatical for the year, includes a new secretary in the High School Office, Mrs. Williamson, as well as additional aids throughout the high school.

Overall,  pep rallies at Avonworth have faced a total revamp, so much so that the Welcome Back Assembly traditionally held in the auditorium on the 2nd Friday of the school year was cancelled. 


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