This year, Avonworth’s theater department decided to do the audition process a little differently. There is now a 1-2 week wait period in between auditions and callbacks, with the first auditions on September 10th and the callbacks Monday, Sept 30th.

When asked of the new change, senior Liz Schrim commented:

 “Well last year’s auditions we basically auditioned and then boom we went into finding out what fall play we were doing and we ran some pieces that the director (Frau) told us to do, and then we just basically started practicing, ” said Senior Liz Schrim.  “It was also later in the year that we auditioned as in like the first week of October. But this year we get a two-week break per se in between auditions and finding out if we actually made it. “

Despite the new gap between auditions and callbacks, when asked, Liz felt as though the change shouldn’t be stressful:

“Not really because at auditions she (Frau) said that she felt pretty confident that she could fit everybody in the fall play and I just do not get nervous after I audition. I could wait a whole month to find out and I would be fine. I am just not an anxious person.”

Other participants, like junior Kyra Carlson, felt the change was not only not stressful, but also a positive.

“It’s not more stressful, rather exciting! Yes, callbacks are nerve-wracking because we all want to put our best foot forward, but I am mainly just excited to get a new show underway!”

Senior Drew Mcdowell had a different approach toward the change:

“I’m used to it at this point” he commented. ” It’s my third year doing it.  I don’t feel like its the biggest problem, either way, we always do a good show.”

In the end, Carlson best expressed the viewpoints of those that tried out about this change in the world of AHS Theatre.  “I don’t think most of us mind. We trust Frau.”


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