Will Lucas found, with a little bit of humor, a place in his new school that fit very nicely during the Service Learning class’s Welcome to Avonworth Party. “I’m a competitive Kahooter,” said Lucas with a slight smirk. Will, a returning junior, was one of a handful of returning and new students invited to this new party for AHS held during MODS F/G on Thursday, September 19th. an idea created by Mrs. Reagle’s students as part of her class.

This idea started with Mrs. Dwulit mentioning a welcome breakfast idea to faculty during a staff meeting in early September. The challenge was to avoid adding another event during LEAD, which runs into multiple conflicts with students in all grades either in Band or Chorus or already expecting to use the time for homework and other responsibilities. After hearing the suggestion, Reagle figured this is a perfect fit for her Service Learning class, an elective entering its third year of running for 9-12 students.  Students in the class, such as senior Riley North were also optimistic about the idea. “I thought it would be successful because the students responded well to the initial invites,”  said Riley.

 After cutting through the expected awkwardness of about a dozen new students all in one room, Mrs. Reagle and her class introduced the various activities while everyone had pizza to enjoy. Soon there were small groups, all working on an Avonworth themed scavenger hunt. The stations included a scavenger of things around the school. A photo of Billie Eilish, which was taken down and could not be found we soon found out. A Kahoot game based on trivia for Avonworth. A matching game for important faces around the school, like the Principal and Guidance Counselor.  A game to help students with scheduling. The last option was a game based on the different extracurricular activities offered at Avonworth.

The Kahoot game really loosened up both the new students and the Service Learning students who helped create the party. Halfway through the game, the AHS veterans realized some of the answers were wrong, which made everyone laugh and it definitely made everyone more comfortable. 

To wrap up the party, gift bags were offered to the students which had candy, a ticket to this Friday night football game, which has a theme of red and purple, and a coupon for a free drink at the lopes lounge.

“I think that it was a great opportunity for the new students to be embraced at Avonworth and I think they all enjoyed the experience!”  said Riley.

Mrs. Reagle summarized the view of everyone  involved:  “I hoped that it helped our new students feel more welcomed at Avonworth!”

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