After losing several crucial players via graduation last year, the Lopes had reason for concern this football season.  However, the football team has washed those fears down the drain.  

The team has put together astounding stats. They have steamrolled opponents every single game on all sides of the ball: offense, defense, and special teams. The defense has virtually gridlocked opponents, allowing only an average of 12 points from opposing offenses per game! The offense has been hitting on all sides, scoring 37 points per game on average. 

Also, the team has beaten worthy opponents: Apollo-Ridge and McGuffey. Both these teams, at the time of playing our team, were undefeated, 5-0 and 8-0, respectively. 

The team’s stellar performance has led them to a 10-0 Record!!

These combined facts are a positive sign for the team as they roll into the playoffs.


Additional Reporting by Maya Berg

Photo Credit to Will Lucas and Keyaira Cameron

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