Murder scenes for students to explore and investigate are just not in your regular old textbooks, so Mrs. Tracey’s forensics class had to get creative in order to experience what many police officers and detectives experience daily.  

A glimpse of a scene made by _______ and _______

Recently, Mrs. Tracey’s forensics class wrapped up their crime scene projects.  These involved creating a crime scene and photographing it as if they were detectives.  Student reviews on the project were varied. Some students said that “It was a creative twist on something I thought would kind of be boring.”


Other students had the opposite opinion, saying that the project was too intense and that they were constantly under a time crunch to meet their deadlines.  Another student commented on one major challenge that holds true across any group project: “A lot of my group members had other [things] to do so it’s not like they could come in for open mod to work on it.”  

Regardless of the student’s opinions surrounding the project, the simulation was meant to better prepare them for their possible futures.  The project was modeled after what real detectives deal with every day and should help prepare the students for if they decide to go into any related fields.


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