The boys and girls XC teams, today (October 24th), are running at WPIALS today, hoping to outrank the rest of the teams and achieve 3rd place for the girls, and 4th place for boys. If they can’t achieve their goals, they hope to have a chance at states at Hershey on November 2nd. 

The boys team, going above their goals, achieved a place in the state championships. Anna Igims and Lindnsey Hartle secured a spot in states as well. 

The XC team posing with the trophy the Boy’s XC team won at WPIALS, along with Anna Igim’s and Lindsey Hartle’s 


Other than winning this season, a survey went out to athletes, a few of the questions were aimed towards those in cross country. One of the questions asked: “Did you set any goals for this year? If so, did you achieve them?” and Brooke Joncour, a junior, replied, “Yes I would set goals for each race and try and achieve them, which I usually did and I felt so accomplished whenever I finished.” Another one asked, “Have there been any changes this season that were unexpected? Good or bad?” and junior Tim Eng simply replied, “it was super hot.” 

Brooke Joncour fondly responded to if those on the xc team had a favorite memory from this season, stating that, “Before every meet our girls team huddles up and chants ‘the faster you run the faster you’re done’ 3 times each time louder and more enthusiastic.” While Tim Eng remembers that, “it was fun.”

Overall, the cross country team is doing well, and friday, the boys team, Anna Igims, and Lindsey Hartle are heading to Hershey for the cross country state championships. 

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