For the 2019 Teacher Halloween Costume, “Mr. Tuffiash won the contest by a landslide”, according to faculty sponsor Mrs. Studt.   Tuffiash’s costume was an exaggerated version of “Open MOD”.  “It’s basically a kid in sweats on his phone wandering around the school, probably some mix of tired and stressed. Definitely add in some procrastination, too, ” said Tuffiash.

Complete with mock “air pods”, slides and hoodie, Tuffiash took the role seriously.  He chose a mix of instrumental YouTube trap beats to play loudly on his phone while he shuffled by many classrooms throughout the entirety of MOD’s F/G. He also found ways to stop by almost every other part of the school, as pictured below.

For the students, the senior class had a small parade during LEAD ending in a small party in the library- here are a few photos of participating students.




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