Every morning walking to their classrooms, many people walk by the library to see if the Lopes Lounge is open. The Lopes Lounge is usually open Monday, Thursday, and Friday but this week was a surprise for many. The Lopes Lounge was closed for one full week from October 7th-11th. This surprised the many people who went all the time, but others not so much. There are always a few students who are really upset and mad when the Lopes Lounge is not open on the usual days. 

Students heavily prefer a simple welcoming sign like this, often on display Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays


The daily buys were asked to give their opinion on the Lopes Lounge being closed all week. Sophomore Ciera Jimenez states, “I’m personally fine with it, I really don’t rely on the Lopes Lounge.”  A freshman, Brayden Wisniewski states, “I’m really upset, I want Lopes Lounge.”

Both students have the Lopes Lounge as a positive in their schools lives.   “A little bit”, said Ciera about how much harder her day is when the lounge is closed. “{it} depends on the day I’m feeling. If I just feel like I need a coffee that day it kind of does affect my school day.” Brayden agreed. “Yeah, it like woke me up in the morning and it jumped started my day.”


There are many people who do not use the Lopes Lounge at all. Senior Elizabeth Schrim is rarely a customer, but for this one week in October “It’s just that the one time I wanted to get an ice tea, of course, they had to be closed. ” Otherwise, like sophomore Luke Woodfill, were less impacted. “I was not thinking about buying something this week since I never really go there anyway.”

The Lopes Lounge has sold special drinks for fundraisers throughout the year, including the Pumpkin Spice Latte advertised here



The teacher who runs the Lopes Lounge, Mrs. White, has a wonderful group of kids who work there every morning it is open. She provided insight about the work it takes to have the lounge open.  “There are many Sams Club trips per week. Once a week themselves and once or twice a week by myself.” This is something that is really huge in running a business. It is taking time out of someone’s life to help run this for other people to enjoy.

Two of the Lopes Lounge staff busy with the rest of their day as high school students.

There are many people who work in the Lopes Lounge, but one of them which was able to be interviewed: Brady Neidhart.  His perspective might help those regulars aggravated by the closings. “It makes me feel a little bit upset because it’s a lot of work (opening the lounge) and I feel like it should be closed every once in a while.”


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