The Pittsburgh Penguins kick off their 2019-2020 hockey season tonight, Thursday, October 3rd. Avonworth students gave their thoughts on the new season ahead.

Senior Rachel Shaffner was visibly exhilarated as she was prompted on her thoughts about the Penguins’ new season. “I hope they will do better. From what I saw in the preseason it makes me think they will do better.” Although the preseason is not as important as the regular season, the Penguins showed their strengths against each opponent in preparation for the regular season.

She also said, “I think they will do better in the post season. I think they will make it out of the first round for sure.” The Penguins were swept in the first round last season by the New York Islanders, an anomaly of a bad performance by this perennial cup contender. History shows they will bounce back to at least some degree this season.

Senior Matt Springer is a huge Penguins fan himself. “Hopefully they will do better. A lot better. Hopefully they won’t get swept in the first round of the playoffs. Hopefully Syd will still be good at hockey.” Matt has a lot of hope for the Penguins this season, yet sees many question marks that need answering. The team leadership, regular season performance, and post-season success are all genuine areas in question.

The Pittsburgh Penguins are an extremely successful team, generally making the playoffs almost every year, sometimes advancing past the first round, and can boast five Stanley Cup victories. These past successes, with two Stanley Cup victories being in 2016 & 2017, create high expectations for the Pittsburgh Penguins organization. Avonworth generally expressed these high expectations for the team.

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