This October the Service-learning class is throwing a Sock Drive (Socktober) to support The Claire Marie Foundation. Students and teachers, if they choose to donate, will bring a pair of fluffy socks to the Service Learning room, and drop them in a box and that will be shipped off to the woman who suffers from the disease Melanoma.

The Claire Marie Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to fighting against adolescent and young adult melanoma through awareness, education, and prevention. In a quote from their website they state that their mission is, “Every action we take is designed to help save lives, whether it’s through our free skin screenings or our one-of-a-kind Collegiate Ambassador program.”


In the past here at Avonworth, there had been numerous types of drives during the colder seasons for this foundation through the Service Learning class. Blanket drives for the homeless and canned food drives for local food pantries to name a few. However, this is the first time the class is collecting socks for this organization.

“Our school has collected blankets for them in the past, but they are asking for socks this year,” said Mrs. Reagle. “It is only in our high school, no other schools are participating.   My service-learning class organized the drive during our class time last week ( the first week of October).”

The service-learning class decided to put up flyers and put it in the announcements every morning. When it comes to drives like this at the high school, there has to be a lot of advertising to get the word out so people will actually participate.

I do know about the sock drive, from seeing posters for them,” said sophomore Hannah Kim. “I am not sure if I will donate yet, however, I do think it is for a good cause. I also like how this drive is also spreading awareness of this condition in adults and adolescents, because I for one, had no idea about this organization.”

Taea Schriefer, a sophomore in service-learning class,  replied: “I will not be donating. I believe that these women should be getting something else such as cards made by students or small gifts. I feel that socks would be better for the homeless, or people who are in need of warmer clothing during these upcoming cold seasons.”

“I do believe that this is a good organization to donate to but like I said the choice of what we are donating isn’t very good. In the service-learning class, to spread the word, I along with the other students made and hung up posters around the school.”

The Socktober sock drive will be going on for the whole month of October.  Being that this is the first year putting on a sock drive for this organization, the results are somewhat unexpected for how many they will receive. In contrast, there are many more flyers and posters around the school this year, so there is a good chance that more kids will be aware, and therefore donate.


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