*bEeEeEeP* (bomb dropping sound)

*dun dun dun dun phewphewphew* (Clash of Clans theme)

*tinkletinkle* (wind chimes)

*GoBbLEGobBlE* (anxiety-ridden turkey)

Over the previous two weeks or so, the school bell has shape-shifted and transformed with various sounds. From an ear-piercing high frequency beep to a turkey sound, it appears as though students have become more and more desensitized to the changes in the bell sound. 

Prior to these wacky bell sounds, students begged for the return of the now retired bell sound or at least an upgrade from the painful ringing that echoed throughout the halls. The Clash of Clans bell sound “came from a group of students in the Collaboration Center,” says Mrs. Dwulit. “I had gone to see Director of Technology, Mr. Gary, to work on adjusting the sound and asked students for input also. The new bell that came with the intercom upgrade [the beep of doom] was harsh and disturbing to many students and teachers. It was necessary to change it. Mr. Gary worked with the students to upload the sound and try it.  I am appreciative of our students’ creativity and Mr. Gary’s willingness to make it work.” 

However, the Clash of Clans theme rapidly became irritating to students as the sound mimicked that of a sound coming from a loud cell phone. 

This prompted the convenient change to the fight song prior to Avonworth’s High School football team going to WPIALS (and crushing it). 

When students and faculty returned from a hectic weekend on Monday (with the New York trip and WPIALS), wind chimes took control of the bell sound. 

Apparently there aren’t very good options of wind chimes in the snow photos.


“What do you guys think of the bell sound?” asked Mrs. Dwulit. 

“IT’S TOO QUIET!!” the senior class shouted back. 

And so this brief exchange at the senior class meeting on Monday prompted a mid-day change in bell sound. 

Here we are with the turkeys. 

Technically this is a vulture, but let’s pretend it is a fashionable turkey.

As of now, the school as a whole does not seem to mind the sudden changes in sound. Perhaps the pre-Thanksgiving break burnout is influencing this change in attitude or we have just adapted. This ability to change the bell sounds could possibly be a fundraising opportunity in the future, but right now, the bell changes are just to improve the culture of the school.

“I think multiple changes in the bell throughout a day or changes more frequently than one a week could be distracting,” reports Mrs. Dwulit. “But it is just a bell.  I am always open to changes that improve atmosphere and culture in our building.”

For now, we can anticipate our new bell sound when we return to school on Tuesday, December 3rd.

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