As fall quickly descends, winter has rapidly hit the Avonworth School District. From blankets and hoodies crammed into cluttered lockers to empty tissue boxes lining trash bins, we have felt the hit.

Wintertime at Avonworth also holds great excitement. The Fall Play! (with an everpresent winter twist)

This year’s fall play is “A Midwinter Night’s Dream” A Shakespeare comedy with an Alaskan twist.

All six showtimes have been sold out.


“I think it has been rough so far but I think that is mainly because a lot of our talent left last year” said senior Toni Keller. “But it is really cool to see a lot of underclassmen, freshman, and sophomores, and especially juniors try and pick up to pace with the program. We have a lot of prestige that comes along with our program. It is getting better. It is tech week right now (week of November 10th) so we’re running the problems and trying to fix things. But I hope by showtime we will be at a 10/10, if not an 11. I think we can do that. I think overall it is going really good so far and anybody should come see the show. It’s a comedy! Anyone can enjoy it. Any age.”

Next Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday is Fall Play Spirit Week!

Participate by wearing:

Monday- Winter Hats, scarves, gloves, and boots

Tuesday- Flannel shirt

Wednesday- Blue and white day


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