On Thursday, November 21, the school is celebrating Grief Awareness Day. There are numerous activities that will be happening on this day, from sales of Good L’oven Cookies and Blue Raspberry Lemonade in the Lopes Lounge, and students wearing blue. All of the money raised gets donated to the Caring Place!

Children’s Grief Awareness Day is a way to give back to the Highmark Caring Place. The Caring Place is a community of people who have been having a struggle through their own life; this could be someone who is struggling through death in their family and they do not know how to handle it.

This day has been brought to our school two years ago by middle school math teacher Mrs. Potter.  This organization has always been a very important part of her life and continues to impact her every day. So she decided to bring awareness to the school, “This day means a lot to me. When I was going through my dads’ diagnosis and him passing away, I really didn’t have, other than my close group of friends, anyone who supported me. So the fact that here at Avonworth we created an environment where we talk about grief and support each other and we show up for people, means a lot to me.”

Students in the middle school who had worn blue on this day were taken out of class during LEAD to take a photo in the shape of a butterfly. This is a yearly tradition that the school has been doing for The Caring Place.


Not only do the students wear blue and buy these delicious treats that are available, every year the 8th and 7th-grade hallway gets decorated to also celebrate this national day.


However, this year was a little different when it came to who was running it.  Junior Chintha Kathiresan was asked by the Key Club advisers to organize and run the activities in the high school. The Key Club has also come together to help contribute. It was because of the Key  Club that the Lopes Lounge and Good L’ovens had gotten involved. It’s a win-win, more money is being donated this year than any of the past years!

It didn’t make your tongue blue but it was enjoyed by many.


“I think that Children’s Grief Awareness Day is a very important day”, said Chintha, ” as it spreads compassion, kindness, and hope in our school.”


Chintha continued, “We distributed butterflies in English classes because we want everyone to take a moment and reflect on a time where they have lost someone or to just give hope to others. This day is to help people not only remember the loved ones they have lost but also to allow people to reflect on their losses and see the strength they have gained from it.”

Chintha also added,  “To me, it is a day to spread positivity, strength, and faith in our community. The Caring Place has played a role in my life and I am sure they have touched many lives, just like they have touched mine.”




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