While a number of seniors and juniors have early release and are able to leave for mod H, there are still over 80 upperclassmen still in the building for mod H. You might think an open mod at the end of the day would be perfect for getting a good jump on homework. This does not seem to be the case with most students who have mod H open.

A cozy spot and soft lighting in the Lopes Lounge at the end of the school day during Mod H. Students may or may not be working on homework or watching Netflix.


For a number of students with open mod at the end of the day, they are practically begging to go home and are mostly focused on the clock turning to 2:55. Students are exhausted after a long day and some use it to sleep.

Junior Ellie Walter said “I sleep every day” while Junior Sydney Wong chimed in with “I sleep or watch Netflix… I fell asleep yesterday”.

‘I sleep very often, In a week I sleep a good 3 days. Sometimes I do have work to do but never really do that work and I just sleep.” Walter says.

Watching Netflix seems to be a common activity in mod H.

When asked what he did during his open mod H, another junior, Jacob Chesnut said “We just watch Netflix. Everyday.”

For others, like Johnny Cieslak who has the mod every day, it’s a mix of procrastination and conversation.

“I do so little,” “I mostly hang out in Mrs. Arnold’s room.”

Still, there are some students making the effort to use the time wisely. “Well I try to get work done but sometimes I get sidetracked,” said Senior Luke Tomczak, one of 88 juniors and seniors that have open mod H.

There are currently 88 juniors and seniors out of 168 that have open mod H. Students that have open mod H are primarily juniors and seniors.

Guidance secretary Mrs. Clark thinks ” that they should just have early release.” Some students do not have a car or anyone to take them home so they cannot leave for early release.

With response to this, she said “I’m not sure what we would do with them if they do not have any class that they wanna take. I think most kids are hanging out unless they really have something to do. It’s the end of the day. It’s probably what I would’ve done.”

Period H is also a time where the writers of this story hear random students scream things through the hallways. “ah, my hand sanitizer!” said some random kid outside of Mr. Tuffiash’s’ classroom while we were working on this story.

While some students might be in a class, or at home enjoying the luxury of having a car to take themselves home, H-Crastination continues.

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