Each year, the sophomores and the juniors get called down to the auditorium to be informed about the offer to buy Josten Class Rings. These rings are customizable and are made to be special to the students who order them. However, the sophomores had quite an opinion on the prices of these rings.

Alexis Schmigel said “Yes, I know about the Josten company. I will not be getting one because I believe they are way too overpriced, and I don’t have a job.”

Jada Guiste said “I would get one, but they are too expensive. I think they are nice rings and I wish I could get one. I also think the idea of them is really interesting, and how you can add little details that tell your story. It upsets me that they wouldn’t make it a more fair price so everyone would be able to get one.”

Most students seem to believe that these rings are far too expensive. The starting price is at the least $99 dollars for a practice ring. The practice ring is just given to you so you can get used to the feeling of wearing a larger ring. There is a wide selection of different styles of rings available, and even types of necklaces.

The Juniors, however, seemed to have a different perspective on Jostens.

Abby Stanley said, “I will not be getting a ring. Not because of the price or the designs, I just don’t want one.”

Leah Logan also was not convinced. ” No, I won’t be getting one. I don’t think I would ever wear it.”

They didn’t seem to care much about the price. The juniors I interviewed did have some basic interest in the rings. The designs were somewhat appealing, they just had no intention of buying one.

It seems that more students would rather wear the necklaces, tags, or bracelets instead of the regular class rings. Even though Jostens is known for the class rings, they have started to offer a wider range of jewelry types.


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