As a very exciting weekend for Avonworth approaches, some find it to be conflicting. With the fall play running through the weekend, the WPIAL Championship game for football on Saturday at Norwin high school at 12:00 noon, and the annual New York trip for everyone in the high school leaving Friday night, some students had a tough choice.

With the football team not making it this far since 2014, it is a very celebrated event and many students and faculty plan to attend. Some are not able to because of the New York trip or their participation in the fall play.

Two varsity cheerleaders involved with the WPIAL Playoff game were originally signed up and paid to go on the trip this weekend but are now not able to attend due to the game.

Ms. George, one of the planners of the New York trip for the past several years, said “we started to foresee the potential of the football conflict happening a few weeks ago, but the trip had already been planned. These trips require planning far in advance.”

The students had to pay as soon as possible when they had originally signed up in October because the spots fill up exceptionally fast when the trip is announced. Two varsity cheerleaders had to give up their spots on the trip because of the WPIAL championship game and one spot still remains open.

Vanessa Biagiarelli and Marisa Laughlin are the cheerleaders who are not able to attend. Both girls went to the coordinators of the trip to talk to them about it beforehand because it seemed like there would be a good shot our football team would make it this far.

“I think I can speak on behalf of both of us when I say that we are definitely upset that we can’t attend but we could always go over the summer!” commented Biagiarelli.


Senior Marisa Laughlin (left) Junior Vanessa Biagiarelli (right)

“We didn’t bother to ask Livesay (The Varsity cheer coach) if we could go to New York instead because we wanted to be there for the WPIAL championship,” said Biagiarelli. “I can go to New York any day that I would please, but I wouldn’t miss our WPIAL championship game my senior year,” said Laughlin.

For the students participating in the Fall play, they were told from the start that they were not going to be able to attend because that would be show week. Mrs. Frauenholz has gone on the trip in years past with her students but this year that was not an option because of the fall play.

The show date for the fall play was given to the participants before auditions were held at the interest meeting in September. Toni Keller, a senior participating in the fall play, saw that when the flyers for the New York trip were posted it was the same weekend their show would take place. Her, along with other students felt a little bit upset but have a commitment to their show that they have to honor.

“I wasn’t too upset about it, I did want to go but theatre is my commitment, and my passion,” said Keller, “Since it’s my senior year this is my last fall play, and I want to make it worthwhile […] I can always experience NY when I want to.”

Whether you are putting on a show, playing in the WPIAL championship, or running around New York with your friends, Avonworth students are sure to have an exciting and lively weekend.


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