The Pitt Women’s Volleyball team has roared to their most successful season in program history. They have earned an astounding 25-1 record and are ranked second in the entire nation.

Senior Jessie Mellon (pictured above), a volleyball enthusiast, exclaimed, “They [Pitt Women’s Volleyball] are ranked number two in the Division I college rankings. They are doing really well!” She is absolutely correct. The Pitt Women’s team, quite literally, has never looked better. The team is making history.

Jesse is really excited about the upcoming playoffs, which begin very soon. “The finals are at PPG Paints Arena, on December 19! I’ve been thinking about whether I want to buy tickets or not. But I want to go, because it is in Pittsburgh!” If the Pitt Women’s team advances to the finals, they will have a built-in advantage of home court. Home territory is crucial in any sport. Jesse would be ecstatic to attend the finals, especially if Pitt advances to the big game.

(Sweeping 3-0 victory for Pitt against Penn State pictured above)

Not only does Jessie follow Pitt, she follows the Nebraska Women’s College Volleyball team as well. “I follow Nebraska. They were the first team that I watched for college volleyball, and I was like, wow! They’re great! And I just started watching it  a lot ever since!” Nebraska is ranked 6th in the nation, which is still incredibly impressive. Through starting with watching the Nebraska team, Jessie’s love for volleyball immediately began. She has been paying special attention to Pitt’s team this season.

(Pitt Women’s Volleyball logo above)

The Pitt Women’s Volleyball team has evidently made history throughout their 2019 season.  Fans like Jessie hope the trend continues, and they earn their first ever Division I Championship title.

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