Fall Play Spirit Week Participants!

Day 1- Winter Hats, scarves, gloves, and boots


Seniors Toni Keller (left) and Liz Schrim (center) pose with Sophomore cast member Peyton Bauer.


JuniorsĀ  Ellie Walter (left) Alex Flynn (center) and Sydney Wong (right) posed in winter gear.


Junior Jacob Gamble showing his support for Fall Play Spirit Week.


Day 2- Flannels!

Junior Johnny Cieslak expresses his fall play spirit while Mr. Tuffiash holds a large rock gifted to him from the Avonews staff.


Graham Herzig (Junior) sporting a blue and yellow flannel for Tuesday’s theme.


Wednesday- Blue and white day

Juniors Roman Simkins (left) and Stella Riale (right) participating in Wednesday’s blue and white theme.

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