To kick off the ‘excitement’ of boys football reaching PIAA championship for Class 2A, the administrators decided to throw a pep rally to get everyone excited this Wednesday. They made the pep rally Wednesday  since football players and the cheerleaders would be leaving for Hershey the next day. The football team would leave at 8:00 Thursday morning while the cheerleaders would be leaving the same day at 1:00. However, this pep rally had no pep in sight.


Many of the Seniors had not attended the rally due to early release.  A number of Juniors and Sophomores also either had early release or chose to get early dismissals. Avonews reporters heard a number of negative comments from students still in attendance about the inequality in sports as well.


The Sophomores shared comments from “Is this pep rally necessary? Why isn’t there this much hype for other sports? I just feel there should’ve been more to it.”


They also said things along the lines of “I feel like it should’ve been peppier. It was kind of dead.”


Since the Football team is ‘making history,’ it should’ve been more exciting.”


“Definitely could’ve been better, the glow and the dark pep rally was fun, but this one was just boring,” and, “A parade would’ve been better.” 

Some Juniors expressed their disappointment with remarks like “I don’t want to be here. Isn’t it only Wednesday?”

“What time is it? Fifteen minutes left?! I can’t take it anymore.”

This had definitely been one of the most pep-less rallies this school has seen this year.

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