For as long as Social Media has been alive in the world, “Memes” have been a common subject for anyone and everyone to get a laugh out of. Over the past decade, there have been hundreds of Memes that have been created. However, there are just a few that will stick with us through this decade. Reminding viewers of simpler times, and how many laughs have been shared over a picture or a short video.

Going back to 2010, the video that started off the decade with a laugh, the “Double Rainbow” video is of a man getting so overly excited over the sight of them that he is even brought to tears. People found this video funny due to how excited this man had gotten, and how there is very little context as to why he is where he is and why he is feeling what he is feeling.


Although she did not plan for it to become one of Social Media’s most ‘memed’ song, Rebecca Black’s song Friday hit social media as a HUGE meme in 2011.


The “Deal With It” (2015) meme had been one that has evolved over time. It started as the typical photo with words over the top of it.


However, in 2016 it slowly changed into ‘Thug life’ or ‘Boss Life,’ this is where someone would do something reckless, then the iconic “Deal with it’ glasses slowly move over their eyes.

Another very popular one is the “bruh” meme. People still say this meme to this day. It’s  where someone says something that someone else finds doesn’t make sense, so they put a guy saying “bruh” after it takes place.

In 2015, a meme that doesn’t have much of a name hit social media. In this meme, someone says a ‘roast’ or a good comeback to someone, and the video is edited to have a group of guys shouting “OOOOH” after the roast or comeback.

This meme, not lasting too long but giving people a good laugh in its time, shows a character crying. It depicts a character with an oddly exaggerated face to show what it feels like to be forever alone. Which many people found quite relatable.


Another one that hadn’t lasted too long, but still is remembered and gives many laughs is the Troll Face meme. This one was typically seen when someone had played a joke on, or ‘trolls,’ their friend and then they would send this picture as a sign of you had been trolled/pranked.

As time went on, memes became more and more repetitive. Now instead of having one ‘version’ of a meme, there would be multiple variations of one type of meme. So now today, from 2017-2019, people had been editing memes to make them fit a different, but a still relatable, made-up situation. Also, most if not all of the memes that have been made the past few years don’t have names. They just range from funny pictures people have found or videos that have gone viral.

In 2017, a few memes that had been altered to fit into different laughable situations are:


Some specific ones that have stuck around till today, and are continuously being edited to fit new situations:


Another very popular one throughout 2017, that is still changed and used today:


In 2018, a few memes that had been popular:

The Tide pod “challenge,’ or just tide pods in general. This had been one that scared many adults but made teens laugh.


The Moth meme is also another rather continuous meme that started in October of 2018.


Finally, to the ending of this decade, in 2019. Sharing many laughs, and creating memes that will also carry on to the next decade. Some of the ones that will definitely be remembered:


The yearly Spongebob memes have been even more popular this year than any other year. Hundreds upon hundreds of edits have been made to these ones this year, it is more than any other and will most likely be remembered throughout the next decade.


At last, the one that had a short time being popular, but caused many laughs during its time, is Rise and Shine from Kyle Jenner.

Over the years, memes have evolved over time. Its almost as though as time went on, the more people had gotten better with editing. Which means that memes had became more detailed. Good thing for the viewers, the more that people learn about how to edit, the more of a laugh they will have. Here’s to the ending of an amazing decade full of laughs, and to a new one with even more in store.

6 Replies to “Some of the 2010’s Memes – An Overview”

  1. I had actually never seen the rainbow video previously, I guess I wasn’t much of a meme person in 2010, but everything else I have seen and they very much do correspond with the year. I’m also sure the Spongebob memes will continue onto the next decade, but only time will tell. Great article, very interesting!

  2. Interesting composition of memes that definitely makes me a bit nostalgic. However, the meme choice in the previous few years could be better. They are some pretty unfunny memes in my opinion.

  3. Good summary. I enjoyed being able to take a look back on the years of memes we have gone through. My only suggestion would have been to go a little more in-depth. There are so many more memes than were presented in this article, and plenty of good ones that should have been recognized. You did a good job of capturing the really big ones, but I also would like to see some of the smaller memes too. For example, you give a calender of 2017 memes, which is a good level of depth for strong meme nostalgia.

  4. I found your topic very fitting and I enjoyed reading this article. I think one way to really set this article off would be to add some nostalgic examples because a lot of people do not realize how much actually happened in the 2010s. You want to try to make the reader have an “Oh my gosh, I remember this! Do you remember this?” kind of reaction, ya know? Almost like they are looking at something that reminds them of their childhood. But, overall I think you hit a lot of the big/popular memes that most people can “relate” to, so that was good.

  5. Going through your article was like going down a walk through memory lane! There are some memes from 2010 that I have not seen before, but all the recent ones I have come across. This really just shows that as you grow up social media becomes more prominent in your life and how memes have taken over the internet. You choose a great topic and this was well produced. Good job!!

  6. I remember the days when “Friday” by Rebecca Black was such a big hit, but now the meme blowing up the most before 2020 is Kylie Jenner saying “Riseeee and shineee”…how the times have changed. I love this article! Especially with the new year coming up, it was great to reminisce on some of the best memes of the decade.

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