Midterms can be a rough time for student,  but Animal Friends and Dr. George were here to assist everyone through all their struggles.  For the minuscule amount of only five dollars, students could spend two hours with the de-stressing pups.  Students described being with the dogs as bubbly, relaxing, and zen.  According to senior Toni Keller, she “felt like making incoherent babbling noises” over the adorableness of the dogs.

Students enjoyed the company of two dogs who were there to provide cuddles and condolences to anxious students.  This treat is a rare one for Avonworth students who haven’t had therapy dogs at the school since January 2017.

Although many students described the experience in positive terms, other students stated that they do not like dogs and therefore did not love the experience.  One student with this opinion stated that “it seemed like a lot of other people were very happy” but that it just wasn’t for her.

Photo from Catherine Penrod

Overall, people seemed to have a resoundingly positive reaction and experience when it comes to therapy dogs in the school.  Could this lead to dogs popping up in the halls of Avonworth more often?  Only time will tell.

Additional Reporting by Nathan Morgan.

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