Billie Eilish is the youngest artist to have won 5 Grammys, in large categories, at her first-ever Grammys. Yes she has made history and her fans are extremely proud of her, however now she is receiving some backlash from those who feel it is unfair to other artists who have been trying for years to win a Grammy. 

Some fans of artists such as Ariana Grande and Lizzo believe that they should have won against Billie in some categories. 

The high school student’s opinions, on the other hand, had differed.

Riley Carroll (10th Grader): “I feel like it’s a really good thing, she deserved all of them. Even though it was her first Grammy she still had worked very hard to deserve each and every one of them.”

Jada Guiste (10th Grader): “She is very talented, she is also spirited. But it’s her first Grammys and she went against many famous people who have been working hard for years, I just think it’s insane that she won what? Five?!”

Jada also added: “I think that the Grammys are rigged and that they are just trying to appeal to the younger generation. I think they were just trying to give new artists more of a chance, and I don’t like it.”

Killian Horigan (10th Grader): “I think that Bad guy is a fine song, but much better songs could’ve won. Like Lizzos song Truth Hurts was more of a bop then Billie’s songs, but Billie still had won. “

Killian continued on to say: “She won quite a few, I don’t think she should’ve got all of those. Like I’ve only really heard much about Bad Guy but not the other ones.”

Taea Schriefer (10th Grader):  “I believe her talent and her following shows that she deserves it. But it’s sad how other artists, who put the same amount of work and have the same amount of talent in, become shadows to those who are big. But everyone has their moment and win big and it’s well deserved. She is very talented.”

Sean Hustler (12th Grader):” Compared to the people she was up against I’m not surprised she won so many. I’m not saying her album was a masterpiece or anything. It just happens to be better than the rest of them.”

Those who didn’t know much about Billie’s music seemed to have somewhat of a split opinion on her music and if she had deserved the Grammys, for example:

Jackson Southern (11th Grader):  “If it was a representation of pure actual talent, then surely she should’ve won. However, if it’s just lyrical songs and emotions for 14-year-old girls then I’d say probably not.”

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