For the second year in a row, BTS went to the Grammys as the only Asian, more specific Korean, artists. Since they debuted in 2013, the American branch of the BTS Army (their fanbase name), which is around a billion fans, have wanted them to be up for some of the biggest music awards in the world, the glorious and sparkling Grammys. In 2019, they finally had their shot, but they weren’t up for any awards nor did they perform. They did, however, present the Best R&B Album Award. Many fans were okay with this because they actually got a chance to be there. When they were told they weren’t performing, that’s where the fans got upset and started to blame the Grammys for using them as clout for the first time, since their fanbase is so huge.

When the 2020 Grammys rolled around, it was a whole other story. The fandom of BTS was pretty unhappy about them being there. Many fans believe they were being used for clout. They kept being announced that they were going to be there but were never up for any awards. They weren’t even going to perform.

Fans started to use hashtags such as #BTSdoyourthang. When fans want to post or tweet about BTS being at the Grammys, they often do not want to put anything that may promote the Grammys. Lots of fans would put captions such as “BTS will be on the Gr***ys, be sure to use #DoYourThangBTS.”

But some fans were happy because it was better than they thought it was going to be.

All in all, BTS was just very happy to be there and fulfill their dreams. Now onto the next one, actually winning a Grammy.

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