The Social Justice club was founded by Sophomores Jada Guiste, Hannah Palmar, and Macey Schriefer and first met on Tuesday, February 25th, in Dr. George’s library classroom during LEAD. The point of the club is to spread awareness about both what is happening in the school, and in the world, in general, involving social justice and injustice. 

Co-leader Hannah Palmer said in the meeting, “It is about first spreading awareness, then we will discuss how we will take action against these problems and try to decrease how much of them we see.”

Other than the introduction, they had also shown a short video to further expose the new members to other stories.

The club plans on having a round-table event that would include students, teachers, parents, and faculty. The agenda would include “how to spread a better sense of belonging throughout the Avonworth community, and possibly outside of the community”. The date for the roundtable meeting is set on March 18, 2020. The club presidents also mentioned having an event or special meeting surrounding Women’s History Month in March. The presidents also spoke about possibly having an event or fundraiser for PAR– Pittsburgh Against Rape, since the Musical program is raising money for the organization as well. 

This may be the beginning of the Social Justice Club, but it had a simple, yet enthralling introduction. The future of events sponsored by the club hold an equal amount of potential and hopefully draw in people interested in creating and maintaining a just community in and outside of Avonworth.


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