Since Avonworth is a school of supportive students, January 29th, 2020 was a designed red out and #bethekindkid theme for the Avonworth Bocce Team. Because other sports get themes for their home games to show more support, many students thought it would be fun to add a red out and #bethekindkid theme.

Jada Guiste and Niomi Ellis showing their support by wearing red but also very pumped for the Bocce Match.


During period H was a pep rally for the Bocce Team, but also for all the winter sports. Many students were rushing to the pep rally in the gym, but for the tug of war at the end. (video below)

IMG_6436 (1)

Video of the senior and teacher teams by Taea Schriefer

As the students walked in, the band was playing and the cheerleaders were cheering. After everyone got at the gym, the band and cheerleaders went to go create a tunnel for all the winter sports and Bocce Team. The Bocce Team was announced through first and the crowd went crazy. Followed by the Bocce Team, the winter sports teams came through. The captions of each team said brief words of wisdom relating to their sport.

The Bocce Team after walking through the cheerleader’s tunnel.


After all the team sports went through,students were getting excited about the tug of war competition. The teams were made up of 10-12 people from each grade to go and compete. The first round was the 9th-grade and 10th-grade classes. After a quick game, the 10th-grade team took the win.

Kevin Felter pulling his team to a victory. Photo by Keyaira Cameron


Since the 10th-grade team won, they continued to face the 11th-grade team. After a lot of back and forth between the two teams, the 10th-grade was able to take the victory for the second time in a row.

The 11th-grade team trying their hardest to take the victory against 10th-grade. Photo by Keyaira Cameron


The 10th-grade team continues again to face the 12th-grade team. After a very quick game, the 12th-grade takes the victory over a very tired 10th-grade team. The 12th-grade team continued to face the teacher team.

The 12th-grade team getting ready to face the teachers. Photo by Keyaira Cameron

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