At the start of MOD H, students heard the overhead speaker tones signaling another announcement. Instead of the principal wishing athletes good luck or a general message about kindness or positivity,  this time it was Junior Sadie Stetser.

Sadie was one of a number of high school students both enjoying the fun and candy of Valentines Day 2020 but with a heavier heart about the ongoing problems of school shootings, including at Parkland High School in Florida two years ago.

“Basically I first asked Mrs Dwulit if she could make an announcement regarding the Parkland shooting. It’s important to remember that while we remember this day as Valentine’s day, they (Students at Parkland High School) remember it as the day their friends were murdered. ” said Sadie about the announcement.

“I think that stuff like this shouldn’t go unnoticed and that we should take advantage of our voice and speak on eliminating the problem. But then she (Mrs. Dwulit) thought it would be best if I made the announcement instead of her.”

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