Have you noticed more hand-sanitizer dispensers around the school? There are several new dispensers around the school– including the high school lobby, the auditorium entrance, the middle school entrance, and many others. The district ordered 50 total and installed 15 in the high school.

The school has also plastered many posters that show the proper way to wash your hands and how prevent the spread of germs.

This precautions tie into the assembly from a few weeks ago where the school nurse taught us what preventative measures we can take and how we can keep ourselves Corona-free. Alongside the assembly, the dispensers, and the posters– the janitors can be seen frequently cleaning door handles, light switches, and anything that students and staff have constant contact with.

Mrs. Hickman and Mrs. Dwuilt have also barred any food or drinks from the library in an attempt to keep the tables as clean as possible. Clorox wipes are also supplied at most tables for students to wipe down their table upon using.

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