At the closing of school for two weeks, Avonworth students began to seek out activities in order to keep their immunity up and boredom down.

Over the past week, there was high activity at the Lezner Field, as many student-athletes started coordinating workouts and hangouts in order to keep fit. Many Snapchat stories of students showed the soccer players practicing to pass the time and one anonymous source spoke of how the track team continued to meet up without coaches to not get behind in their hindered season. However, that came to a halt after the track was closed by the district until further notice.

Other students are seeking physical activity in other forms on their own including home workouts and running in their neighborhood. Junior Carly Spahr said that she has been consistently going on runs to get out and although it was sometimes raining, she said it felt “absolutely amazing” to be active once again. I have spoken with many other students that have been doing the same in order to break free of self-quarantine while still being safe.

Keep taking vitamins, drinking water, and keep that exercise Avonworth! Stay healthy!

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