Monday, March 16, 2020, is the start of the two-week closure of our school due to the Coronavirus. Coronavirus is affecting countries all over the world, and everyone has to take either small or big precautions to help stop the spread. Our school had no other choice but to close for two weeks

The closure of our school brought many questions about how the days will be made up, if our FID days will be used, or if the days will not count at all. This took time for an agreement on what will be happening, but the two-week closure consists of two of the three. There are no FID days planned as of right now, but VID and just days that do not count have been made up already. 

Outside of our school and community, there are bigger problems with this virus. For example, the stock market keeps changing tremendously. There are some days where the two big mutual funds will be down many points and up many points. From an overall view, the two mutual funds had gone down a ton since the start but have been up and down since then. Below are the DOW and the S&P 500 from the morning compared to the night. 


Another bigger problem outside of our community is all the news that is on the internet, T.V., and social media. Whenever the word “coronavirus” is typed, many stories from the bad side of the virus pops up. Even though the virus is seen badly, there are also many good stories about how people are surviving. Sports being canceled or postponed is the other big thing to pop up. This gets people mad, so people take anger out on social media and/or the internet.

After all of this going on, people gave their opinion on a basic level of all of this going on.

Sophomores Luke Woodfill and Jackie Nicolaus both talked about how school being closed for two weeks affects them and their feelings towards sports being canceled or postponed.

Luke Woodfill states “The school closing had me really bored and mad because I am now stuck at home. I don’t like going to school but being home all day every day for weeks won’t be great either. I am really disappointed that track might not happen this year. It is a shame especially for any seniors, for this is their last season.”

Jackie Nicolaus agrees with Luke by saying “Not having school takes a lot of stress off my life and it allows me to relax while giving me free time to spend with family and friends that I would not otherwise have the opportunity to see. Without skating all the time, I get bored because I don’t know what to do with myself for that long period of time.”

I’ll continue to add daily life updates for life during COVID-19 throughout the week – please leave comments below if there is something you want me to cover. 

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