Not only was Friday, March 13th already a superstitious day, but school also was cancelled for two weeks. That night, the cast and crew for this year’s musical Young Frankenstein gathered for the last time before this break. To start off the night, Frau gave a speech about what may or may not happen in the time they don’t see each other. They were given the sad news that the musical would not take place on the said dates. Frau told them that she doesn’t know what will happen with the musical from there on. She also said how she wants everyone to continue practicing our songs, going over lines, and practicing choreography. Nothing about the future can be predicted. Musical kids are still anxiously awaiting any news about the musical, whether it may be new dates or even when they’re able to start practicing again. 

Thinking about musical in general is a sore spot for most musical kids. Yet when asked how they feel about the musical being postponed, students answered. They had different answers that all held the same meaning 

Riley Adams, seventh grade, said: “I’m really sad about it. 🙁 If it gets cancelled for good, I’m going to be very upset because this is my first production.”

A picture from Malibu High’s 2014 Production.

Colin Brady, eighth grade, said: “It’s a shame that it’s postponed because we’ve worked so hard for so long and we just have this long time that we can’t practice together.”

A picture of Fredrick Frankenstein and Igor from Malibu High’s 2014 Production.

Hannah Palmer, a sophomore, said: “I think that it’s a good thing it’s postponed. I know a lot of schools have canceled their musicals and it’s a shame cause they put in so much work.”

Sydney Wong, a junior, said: “It makes me sad that we aren’t in tech week right now all being with each other and singing our hearts out. I’m happy that it’s getting postponed because it would make me so sad if we didn’t do this show. Musical is a place where you feel loved and welcomed and where you gain new friends in all grades. The friends that I’ve made in musical are some of my most treasured friends. I can’t wait to get back to it all.”

Benji Nalevanko, a junior, said: “Well, it’s very disappointing to have to put off something that we’ve put so many dozens of hours into. I don’t like it at all.”

A photo from Penn Hills 2017 Production.

For a select group of students, this cancellation was especially heartbreaking. The senior class finds themselves losing out on one of the highlights in the AHS Theatre program, performing in their last high school musical.

Rachel Little, a senior, said: “I really just want to perform this show for people to enjoy, it’s a great show and we all have been working really hard to make it the best we can. I understand why we have to postpone it but it has me nervous. If we don’t get to perform I will be really upset since this is my last year here and this has been such a big part of my high school experience.”

Lexie Archey, a senior, said: “I’d much rather have the musical be postponed then canceled! I can’t bear to see all of the hard work go to waste, and I know how much these leads wanted it. I’d feel so bad if it didn’t happen. I miss rehearsals.”

Maya Klatte-McAfee, a senior, said: “It’s gonna be tough getting back into the swing of things. I’m worried we’re going to forget and have to do practices all over again.”

Rachel Schaffner, a senior who isn’t in musical but was tech crew for 1776, said: “This is the first time I have ever heard of them postponing the musical. Frau has told us stores before about how the power went out and the tech crew had to escort people to their cars. I thought that since we were about to finish up our quarantine we would be able to progress with things. Like the musical kids would go on with tech week and continue on with getting the musical done. Now we’re here for about another two weeks, I feel like the seniors who are in the musical and not in the musical are missing out on either seeing their last school performance or participating in their last school performance. And I was really looking forward to seeing Young Frankenstein because the movie is one of my favorites.”

A photo from Frau Blucher, Inga, Fredrick Frankenstein, and Igor from Penn Hills 2017 Production.


And even an Alum responded to the question!

Julia Ciarimboli, a freshman at Gannon University, said: “The show must go on! If I don’t see this show I’m going to be so upset because what I saw in rehearsal was amazing!”

It is not only the musical kids, but the community as well that is saddened by the musical being postponed due to COVID-19 closing schools.


Photo Credits to TribLive and Malibu Times

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