Without labs and formulas, many students have been intensely engaged in learning science during the past few days.  But instead of Mr Wolfe, Mr. Haskins or Mr. Tena, Mrs. Livesay or Mrs. Tracey as the teacher, it was Dr. Anthony Fauci, The CDC, or even a variety of newscasters and people posting on social media. Virtual instruction days or not, students were studying science daily as the COVID-19 virus started its spread from China towards the U.S during January and February. Now that school turned to VID days starting Thursday, March 19th, students found themselves being put in this very unusual situation of studying science in a time where millions of people are focused on biology.  From the students I talked to, many are still bored and thought science class might give them something to do. For some, it’s turning out to be just adding to the constant daily struggles, while other students are adjusting easily to the science they were studying before while still doing their own studying of the Coronavirus.

Ava Zahn, a sophomore, said:

 For my science, all we had to do was take notes on a video and then fill out part of a packet. I just wish more elaboration on what should be done should have taken place, sometimes words aren’t enough to get directions across. I haven’t really done any of my own research, I’m not very interested in the virus.


Riley Carroll, sophomore, added:

“…All we had to do was our lesson on DNA. I wish it was less boring.”


Olivia Penfield, sophomore, had said:

 My lesson consisted of Chromosomes and Karyotypes. I wouldn’t change anything about my lesson, they seem pretty easy if you know what you are doing.


Jada Guiste, a sophomore, wanted to add:

I have been doing some ‘science’ out of school, however, I looked at the past of pandemics and just tried to learn more about the Coronavirus and how to stay safe. I researched social distancing, and just how exactly you can catch this virus, so I know how to try and prevent it.


Emily Davis, a sophomore, said:

  We had to do video notes and then practice problems to go with it. I wouldn’t really change anything, I like how you can log in whenever and do work whenever you want. I have been researching about {Covid-19} because it is something that we should be kept aware of. I also have people I know who have it, so for me to keep myself up to date helps me know that I will be more aware. my parents also always have the news on about it and always talk about it, so I’m also sucked into it there.

Science is one of many of the classes students are working on from home for these next following weeks. It is definitely different and is giving everyone different emotions and feelings.

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