The Avonworth school district has gone through massive changes in the past week. With the recent outbreak of Covid-19, this virus has caused the school to temporarily (as of right now) close all of its buildings in order to attempt to not have the virus spread throughout its communities. Not only has this closure of the school and outbreak of the virus affected the school system, but it has also affected Spring Sports and activities: Softball, Baseball, Track, Swimming, etc.

While swimming is not technically a Winter Sport, their season was stopped short when their states matches were cancelled due to the virus. Most devastating of all, they were around 45 minutes away after a 3 hour drive when they heard the news. This news was heartbreaking for all of the members who made their state times for swimming, but especially to the seniors.

With the postponing of all school districts in PA and other state public schools, all the spring sport’ fates are to be determined. The Avonworth softball and baseball trips were cancelled, and their games are currently up in the air. The track teams season is also to be determined, with a board of committees for spring sports meeting to discuss the seasons fates.

While most athletes are devastated by the current news, it has not stopped many from trying to make the best out of a horrible situation. Many track athletes have completed their own workouts during this time off at the track, running and doing their drills. Unfortunately, the Avonworth Football field has been blocked off in order to stop people from congregating inside, most likely due to the large amount of people who had been using the field during this virus pandemic.

Avonworth softball players have taken batting tees home, and have even worked on getting the field in better shape. Some local softball players have made a petition in order to prompt only a postponing of the spring sports seasons instead of a full cancellation. This petition is open to all who would like to see their seasons continue after just barley being started.

Whether working on their skills at home, or fighting at the forefront to hold onto their seasons, athletes are fighting hard in order to make a bleak situation better.

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