Tuesday, March 17, 2020, is the second day of the two-week cancelation. Our school still is a little lost on how things are going to work. Teachers are working hard to prepare lessons for the students, while the students are thinking about how this is all going to work. This idea of VID is something our school thought we would never need to do. 

Still going on outside of our community is the stock market still going up and down. Yesterday, the market was down a ton of money, but today it has gone up. This is an ongoing process that will happen every day, where it might be positive one hour and negative another hour. The stock market is still not where it was whenever the Coronavirus happened, but it is hoping to get back up where it was. 


The news is also still a bigger problem outside of our community. There are many stories out on the internet talking about how staying at home is now the best option for people but to also practice social distancing. There are also story headlines that are scaring people, such as one that states “U.S. sees largest one-day increase in coronavirus death toll since the outbreak began.” Many people are also using social media to express the news about no supplies in stores. People are also making funny comments about what is happening such as games on what country will survive or social distancing has taken too far. 

After all the news today, high school students gave their opinion on all of this going on. These students talked about how they feel having off and their opinions on sports being canceled. Sophomore Kevin Felter talks about how he does not like the school closing for two weeks. He states ,“It has affected me greatly. I am really used to going to school this time of year, so just getting told on a Friday that we don’t have school the following 2 weeks was definitely something different. It really sucks not being able to play baseball right now. It is really fun being able to hang out with the boys and have fun, but we are unable to do that right now.”

To add on to what Kevin stated, Juniors Abby Stanley and Maddy Perry gave their opinion on the same ideas. Abby states,“The virus doesn’t affect me at all and not playing in my spring sport makes me feel empty and I’m very frightened for what has to come with all the spring sports.”

Maddy’s statement is slightly on the opposite side of what Abby said by saying “Not having school right now just makes me feel a little lazy. I definitely feel like this leaves more room for me to worry, but there’s nothing I can do at the moment so I am just trying to keep myself busy. It is a good break, but not a wanted one. We have never lived like this before so it’s all up in the air. I cannot do softball and it’s making a huge impact on me because I’m used to being around the softball team all the time and this is putting a stop to our season. We have worked so hard in the pre-season and we all just want to get it started and have our games startup. I just miss the team and practicing.”

More opinions and more news is to be on the way, with more negative or positive news coming out each day. Every student has an opinion on what is going on, stay tuned for more of everything. 

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