In the first few weeks of stay-at-home orders throughout March, isolation and boredom struck American teens.

Youth across social media turned their internet attention during the pandemic towards rapid “Instagram Challenges”.

#Until tomorrow flew across Instagram profiles statewide on March 25th, 2020. The trend encouraged individuals to post an embarrassing or dated photo of themselves commenting only “Until tomorrow…”.

Participants were allowed to delete the post 24 hours later.

Though its fame only lasted one day, the trend’s viral humor is memorable.

Some Avonworth students who participated in “Until tomorrow…”

Sophomore Hannah Palmer shows childhood photo.


Screenshot from childhood video of Junior Carly Spahr posted with #Untiltomorrow.


#Challenged Accepted began its course across Instagram’s IG Story feature starting on March 20th, 2020.

While stress and negativity surround mainstream media, young women have taken to Instagram for communal inspiration. Avonworth’s own students have taken part in the trend, posting to their public Instagram stories.  The challenge focuses on uplifting one another and spreading positive awareness regarding beauty standards and rejecting societal processes surrounding the construct. 

Rules following the trend:

Participants must post a photo that they feel beautiful in/encouraged by

The individual then “nominates 10 other women to spread the positive message forward”

Numerous Avonworth Students have eagerly participated in the challenge, building a local media community during the crisis.

Sarah Neal, Junior, post participating in #Challengeaccepted


Harris Robinson, Junior, promoting self- love on her Instagram story



With spring seasons, championships, and WPIAL events being canceled, both Avonworth and global high school students are increasingly vocal towards their lost playing time. #Letthekidsplay gives student athletes the opportunity to cherish and support fellow athletes who are facing lost seasons. Many individuals believe while in isolation their pride and love for sports are growing and deserve appreciation.

Post activity worldwide of #letthekidsplay


Smaller artistic challenges continue to flow across Instagram’s outlets to “cure” boredom and spread positivity.

Both the “carrot and tomato Instagram story” trend added a lighthearted approach to life in quarantine.


Trends On the Rise:

#Passtheaux (On IG Stories, sharing favorite songs!)

#seeaheadshaveahead (an interesting approach to quarantine activities)

Handstand Shirt Challenges (a subtle physical flex)

Interactive Bingo Boards (Snapchat and IG Stories)

Pushup Challenges (again a “subtle” physical flex)

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