As you could imagine, there is not much of anything to do during these odd times of quarantine. I haven’t been doing much of anything myself as a sophomore, however I have been trying to keep myself productive so I dont become anymore of a couch potato that I already am. This morning I had numerous alarms set, in an attempt to give myself the chance at possibly not ignoring them and waking up somewhat early for myself. I had set my first alarm for 8 am, which the others then ranged from every fifteen to thirty minutes all the way up until 10 am. 

I finally rolled out of my bed at around 9:30 am which is actually quite early for me believe it or not. I had been a bit behind on my work, especially my Chemistry, so the next thing I had done was walk downstairs with all of my school supplies, in the slumped state that I was in, and begin to do my school work. 

At around 10:30, I started to feel a bit hungry. I had then gone to the kitchen to get my go to lifesaver during this quarantine, instant oatmeal. At this point I had also told myself I deserve a break from my work. Next thing I knew my 15 minute break had turned into 30…then 45. However, I did use the excuse that my cat had fallen asleep on my lap, so I couldn’t get up because it would be cruel of me to wake him. 

Once I had finally gotten back to work, I was able to get all caught up, and even work ahead in some of my classes. I took ANOTHER break, which I had actually worked for this time, and spent some time playing with my new puppy that we had recently got.

For some time I just lay around. . . but then BOOM out of nowhere, I got a quarantine craving. This craving just so happened to be for funnel cake. Then I begin to really think about how there really isn’t anywhere to buy it. This upsets me, so I head to my sisters room. I pitch the idea of funnel cake, and then we search the web for a solid 30 minutes trying to figure out where we can buy some, and if they are open for pickup. We end up finding a place not too far from here, in Mckees Rocks its this cute bakery called Sweets and Treats. Thankfully we found the place in time, because they were to close in a little over an hour at that point. So, I call and order some for my family, and we make a trip down to pick up some of the best funnel cake I have ever eaten.

Some time passes, and I remember my puppy has a vet appointment to get some of his shots. He just recently turned 12 weeks, so he was ready for some more of them. I decided to get him all fresh and clean for the vets, because there wasn’t much else I was doing. So, I filled up the since for him and gave him a bath. I was kind of upset that I couldn’t go to the vet with him to keep him calm, they had to come and pick him up from our car. They called us and spoke to us on the phone about the shots they had given him and some future instructions. We ended up going through the Mcdonalds drive through after the appointment, we had gotten some frappes.

When we got home, we made homemade pizza boats. It’s always fun to make homemade foods, especially during quarantine. It gives you something to do for sure.

My sister and I then thought it would be a good time to let my puppy and her rabbit run around together. Not something you could normally picture, but they have grown to be great friends.

To end my day, which seems to have become a routine, my sister and I found a movie to watch around 11 pm, and tonight we chose the movie ‘Fractured.’ I recommend it for sure, it was very intense at times. It had only showed the viewer what the main character was seeing, so it kept you hooked throughout the whole movie wondering what is going to happen next. Plus it had a great plot twist. 

In all, it has just been a somewhat productive day in quarantine. Even though I only left the house a total of about two times, It is the most I have done in a solid week. It was even more than I have been doing on a daily basis. A good day in the new normal, for the time being, for sure. 

When you think of quarantine, people usually have a negative connotation associated with it now. However, even though there are lazy days, I have been seeing it as a way for people to really just slow down with life for a bit. I have been missing my sister living at the house, being that she goes to college now, and her being home has really brought us close again. I have been spending a lot more time with my family, and it has genuinely been making me happier. I’m not nearly as stressed. Let alone all the good things it has been doing for the environment, pollution has gone so much it’s great. Whether it be spending more time with your pets, or having a whole day set aside for self care, it’s always good to do a little something each day. In all honesty, like I said before, this is one of the most productive days I have had in a long time. I know it is hard for some people, who have nowhere to go, being that the places they want to go to are closed or what not, but even going on a walk or outside is always nice.  I recommend using this time to your advantage, yes some days may feel slower than others, but this is a great way to use your time to better yourself. 


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