Today, as we all know, we are working and doing school from home, so my day has changed a lot. I used to start school at 8:00 am. Now I get up at 8:30 am or 9:00 and get coffee or hot tea. I drink it more than normal now that I am at home with three dogs at my moms and three dogs at my dad’s with a cat and a fish.¬†

Kiya, Gabbi, and Mila


Then what I do is sign on for attendance, then I take a couple of minutes to drink my coffee and eat breakfast. I do my school at about 9:30… it takes me about one hour or so to do and I do it all at once to get it done so that the rest of my day and week I only have a bit left to do.

Then when I am done with that I go and do workouts that I do every day at about 11:00.

After that, I go and sit down for a bit then I go and take a shower and eat lunch. By the time that’s done it’s probably like 2:00. After that I clean the house and my room then I go and make dinner then I have nothing to do for the rest of my day… so then I go and watch tv or call my friends or play with my dogs.

Oh… and Yes, I still have yet to take this down that¬† is how bad my life has gotten – lol!

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