Quarantine has served to be both a blessing and a curse for a variety of different variables. On one hand, I have become extremely more productive in working on video projects or finding more ways to exercise. On the other hand, my motivation for doing schoolwork or keeping myself busy has drastically lowered.

I am not able to work right now, so my days look somewhat like this…

I usually stay up between 6-9 am. Yes, I literally watch the sun, set and rise, almost every day.  Throughout the night/early morning, I often feel peaceful. I am either watching Netflix, editing, or reading; and, feeling the cold morning air blow through my window reminds me of waking up in my summer camp cabin. It is not great to stay up for that long; but, I do not feel tired or drained of energy, even once I force myself to sleep.

This Friday, I went to bed around 5 am (early for me), and I woke up at 8:30 am. I awoke to the pitter-patter of the raindrops hitting the screen of my open window. My fan was also blowing, causing me to feel uncomfortable and having to get up. I did the normal morning routine of brushing my teeth, etc. and then I took my dog to the bathroom. Unfortunately, when it rains, Dexter (my dog) gets very hyper. Fortunately, I was able to live through the intense journey of walking down the grand (small) hill in my yard, sliding on the slippery slope of thick (okay, not that thick) mud, and fighting against the strength of 5 men (maybe 2) pulling me as my dog ran through the rain. Anyway, it was quite the adventure on an early rainy morning.

Once I came back inside, I made egg omelet cups. This quarantine has really brought out the cook in me. I often refer to myself on my Snapchat story as, Chef Cakeardee – get it, because my nickname is Cakeo and there is that chef named Boyardee *sigh*. So, I had the egg cups with a smoothie and a bagel, perfecto!

I then completed school work, and I watched Netlfix – not exactly in that order. The next few hours were quite uneventful. I couldn’t walk my dog because of the rain (wasn’t going to repeat the morning adventure again), so I sat around contemplating whether or not I should be productive. At last, I figured that I should edit together the Musical Documentary that I have been working on. I sat down at my wooden desk in my room, window open, and the fan on full speed and I slipped into grind out mode. So, that consumed the latter half of my day. I also baked some pumpkin bread – like I said, I am a true chef (okay, maybe the box told me exactly how to do it, but it’s the thought that counts).

Not much more happened after that. The rain stopped, revealing the hot sun that decided it would make an appearance today. I watched more Netflix, worked on my French test, and I played with my dog in my backyard. Not to mention, maybe the BEST part of my entire day, my friend and I came up with a new TikTok idea (very exciting)! With something as exciting as new creative ideas popping up, I cannot wait to see what else is in store during this worldwide quarantine (Yay)!

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