What makes FFVII Remake a great Remake? And is it a game to play?

For starters, Final Fantasy VII Remake is exclusively for PlayStation 4 players for one year before it’s supposed release to PC players. So unfortunately to people who only have a Nintendo Switch or Xbox, they are unable to play the Remake, but they can play the original Final Fantasy VII.

Key image of the protagonist (Cloud) and the villain (Sephiroth).


Final Fantasy VII Remake was announced back at E3 2015, but was delayed to March 3 of 2020. However, due to the team wanting more time to polish the game, they delayed it once more to April 10, 2020. While some fans were questioning about the April 10th release with the whole situation with COVID-19, Square Enix (the publishers of the Final Fantasy series) and the head director, Yoshinori Kitase, decided in the beginning April to release the game early to a few regions.

Cloud looking

upon the Shinra

Electric Company.

While Final Fantasy VII Remake is not a carbon copy of the original Final Fantasy VII, there is an added element to the first part of this Remake. One added element are these enigmatic figures known as Whispers. They are described in the game as ‘Arbiters of Fate’. In other words, if an event were to change the future, the Whispers would be there to keep the future from straying too far from the original game. 

Whispers surrounding the Shinra Electric Company Building.


That brings up another question: Should I play the original Final Fantasy VII to understand the Remake? I have only played a few hours of the original Final Fantasy VII. It is great to play the original beforehand to get some foreknowledge of the story and what is going to happen; however, since the Remake is more than just a Remake, it is safe to go into the game blind.

Cloud and Sephiroth begin their fight.


Which brings up the main question: What makes Final Fantasy VII Remake a great Remake? For starters, this is only Part 1 of many for the Remake of Final Fantasy VII. The developers back at Square Enix have stated that Final Fantasy VII Remake is going to be split up into parts. However, fans do not know how many parts there will be considering that the original took up three discs on the original PlayStation. 

Cloud from the original Final Fantasy VII.


Not only is Square Enix currently working on Part 2 of the Remake, but when Square Enix first announced the Remake back at E3 2015, the fans of the original game were waiting for the Remake ever since the game first originally came out back in 1997. When they announced the trailer back at E3, fans were more than excited to say the least. However, the team took their time on making the game look cleaner than the 2015 look.

Comparison from E3 2015 to the first trailer in 2019.


While the Remake is much more than a one-for-one shot of Final Fantasy VII, this Remake has a lot going for it in the future. A lot gaming magazines and critic sites have given this Remake great reviews such as IGN giving this game an 8 out of 10; Metacritic gave it an 88 out of 100; and GameSpew gave it an 100 out of 100. There are new twists and turns that this game has up its sleeve, but nonetheless, this Remake was one of the better Remakes (in my opinion) to come in the first quarter of 2020.

A PS4 theme of the main cast of characters.

(From left to right)

Red XIII, Aerith, Cloud, Barret, and Tifa


While not only has the graphics improved from both 1997 and 2015, what makes this Remake such a great Remake to others such as IGN, is the added story figures such as the Whispers, an ending that leaves players wanting answers, knowing Cloud’s journey is not over, and a different approach for the fighting mechanics. The original was strictly turn based, but the Remake has a more of a unique approach, letting players command Cloud and the other characters such as Barret and Tifa. 

Cloud from E3 2015’s trailer.


And let’s not forget one important thing about this Remake: the nostalgia that returning players feel when playing this Remake. They once again see the lovable cast of characters return for a reunion. Final Fantasy VII Remake is definitely a game to play even if you have not played the original. It definitely had a long last impression on players such as myself, and other players around the world. It is a great game to play during your extended free time and it was worth the wait.

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