The Avonworth community gathered to celebrate the unconventional graduation of the seniors on the evening of Friday, June 5th. 

In place of typical graduation ceremonies was a car parade that involved about a 3rd of the graduating class. 

At the start of the procession, both the Avonworth administration and teachers of the senior class gave them a full send-off with balloons, celebratory signs, and a bubble machine. 

Mrs. Arnold, Mr. Tuffiash, and Mr. Cario were also gathered outside of Mr. Tuffiash’s classroom with an iBoss stand.


The day was organized by Mrs. Sebolt, who sequenced drivers out in groups and coordinated communication along with Mrs. Dwulit. 

Sent off five minutes apart, groups of Avonworth graduates paraded through 15 neighborhoods surrounding the school district. The seniors, leaning out of windows and sunroofs, were met with streets full of people enthusiastically cheering and waving.

The school district is still planning to host an in-person graduation for the class of 2020 in July.


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