Avonworth’s Prom scheduled for July 9th at The Priory in downtown Pittsburgh has been canceled.

The event, aimed to give the senior class a second chance at Prom, will not take place due to the ongoing spread of the novel coronavirus, Mrs.  Dwulit announced in an email the morning of Friday, July 3rd.

The high school principal wrote, “Timing is not on our side.  It is an unsafe decision to hold an indoor event next week.  The last few days have not brought positive developments for our County or the venue’s ability to provide and support a large event.”

This announcement also follows new restrictions placed on Allegheny County, as the area reported a triple-digit increase in new daily COVID-19 cases.

To contain the surge in infections, county health officials on Thursday prohibited gatherings of more than 25 people throughout the next week.

Mrs. Dwulit announced, “It was right to step back, re-evaluate, and ensure the decision is based on evidence and what is best for the long term safety of our students.”

The event, which was open to the class of 2020 and their guests, was announced in June, after Pennsylvania schools closed for the remainder of the school year and began to reschedule many end-of-year events such as prom and graduation.

Graduation, which is scheduled for July 17th, is now also in danger of being postponed with the restrictions. The email, sent to families of the Avonworth School District, addressed the state of the postponed graduation as well, assuring that administration has created “a safe, detailed plan to balance beloved, deserved tradition and the current situation.”

“Please do all you can in whatever form you choose (wish, pray,…) to hope that the evening of July 17th brings an amazing celebration of each of you and your families,” Mrs. Dwulit said.


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