Avonworth Community Park

Marked by a sign bearing the name “Traily McTrailster,” the Avonworth Community Park loop is a hidden gem in our community. Located just behind the Mayernik Center, this is a great spot for anyone looking for a quick, pleasant hike not far from home.

Vinegar Hollow

Another spot in the heart of the Avonworth area is Vinegar Hollow- a great trail for those tight on time or looking for an easy hike. It has a multitude of brightly colored trees, as well as a pleasant creek.

If you’re looking for a refreshing while away from the rest of the world, take a bit and go visit Vinegar Hollow! If you have some time afterward and are looking for a quick drink or bite to eat, visit Anchor and Anvil, one of the community’s favorite locally-owned coffee shops.

Stop here to refresh and refuel- just a few blocks away from the trailhead

Ohio Township Park

Ohio Township Park is another option for those looking to get into the outdoors. While many may know about its trails near the soccer field, there are several options for getting out into the trees. While many know about the paved paths that circle the soccer field, the cross-country path is a great option for walkers and runners alike.

Settlers Cabin Park

One of my personal favorites, Settlers Cabin Park is one of the largest public parks west of Pittsburgh. Not only does it have several walking trails, but it also has a miniature waterfall to visit! With its interlinked loop system, you’ll want to carve out some time in your schedule to properly enjoy Settlers cabin Park, as you can hike anywhere between 1.5 and 6 miles on a normal trip! I would suggest bringing a map of some kind with you, as the system can be somewhat confusing to new eyes.

Sewickley Heights Park

Sewickley Heights Park is known for its extensiveness and beauty- especially during the fall. The trail is open to all types of visitors- you might even see a horse or two! Because the trail is so extensive, you may want to plan your walk out beforehand so you don’t get turned around. Many hikers have already created suggested walking routes that you can find on AllTrails or other places online.

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  1. Just figured I should mention that Avonworth Community Park actually has more than one trail. There’s one right next to the creek that runs in a straight line until it reaches a dead end, and a second one that runs in a large loop.
    Also, if you’ve ever read the Red Rising book series, you may notice that the one that runs in a loop has trail markers that are actually the red sigil.

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