A few new spots of Avonworth property acquired this past Spring as part of an eventual expansion provide a different fall look along with the classic color tones on trees around the high school entrance. Here a few photos from editor Matthew Purcell and members of the Journalism 1 class.

A classic fall foliage photo of the maple trees on campus by Matthew Purcell


Photo taken on the undeveloped grounds near the baseball field by Kadance McCartan.


Further back into the new grounds across from the HS entrance, photo taken by Kadance McCartan


Goldenrod season, photo by Kadance McCartan


Photo taken by Matthew Purcell Рthe podium is set for the later outdoor Fall Homecoming pep rally, held at the field on Friday, October 9th at 2:30. Due to COVID restrictions, only a small amount of seniors attended in the stands and the rest of the school could view the pep rally  from their MOD H classrooms through a link. 


Photo taken by Eliza Rapp. Kadance’s photos of the goldenrod were taken in the grounds on the left of this picture.

Photo taken by Kadance McCartan

Photo of the current outside wall facing the entryway to the HS office.


Photo taken by Eliza Rapp. For a glimpse at projected peak times for fall foliage, click here.



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